Frolick Dogs is pleased to release our Winter 2015 Class Schedule.  Group classes are limited to 6 participants, so register now to secure your slot!  

Note that our outstanding agility trainer, Sherri Fries, is also available for private lessons ($45/half hour).  If interested, please contact her directly to schedule this at

Click here to register for group classes online -- just login and click on the 'Classes' tab -- or call us at 703-957-8946


CLASS SCHEDULE (descriptions provided below):

Introduction to Agility Group Class

8-9am on Saturdays, series of 6 classes for $180

1st Group:  January 10th to February 14th

2nd Group: March 7th to April 18th (skips April 4th)  DELAYED START TO MARCH 14th


Puppy Agility Group Class (up to 1 year old)

7-8pm on Mondays, series of 6 classes for $180

1st Group: January 5th to February 9th

2nd Group: March 2nd to April 13th (skips March 30th)  DELAYED START TO MARCH 9th


Level 1 Agility Group Class

Series of 6 classes for $180

1st Group: Mondays from 8-9pm, January 5th to February 9th

2nd Group: Fridays from 1-2pm, March 6th to April 17th (skips April 3rd)  DELAYED START TO MARCH 13th


Level 2 Agility Group Class

Series of 6 classes for $180

1st Group: Fridays from 1-2pm, January 2nd to February 6th

2nd Group: Mondays from 8-9pm, March 2nd to April 13th (skips March 30th)  DELAYED START TO MARCH 9th

3rd Group:  Fridays from 2-3pm March 13th to April 17thNEW GROUP CLASS ADDED!


Rally Training Group Class

7-8pm on Wednesdays, series of 6 classes for $180

1st Group:  January 7th to February 11th

2nd Group:  March 4th to April 15th (skips April 1st)


NOTE:  Group Classes may be cancelled if there are less than 3 registrants; if this is the case we will let you know and will refund your purchase. If you are unable to attend one of the classes in a series, we will do our best to arrange a make-up class at no additional charge.

Click here to register online or call us at 703-957-8946



Introduction to Agility Group Class: Are you new to agility and want to see if your dog enjoys it?  This class walks you through the different pieces of agility equipment -- jumps, tunnels, weave poles and more -- to show you drills you can do to build your and your dog's confidence.  A foundation in basic obedience is recommended to ensure your dog's success in this group class. Dogs typically remain on leash during these group classes.  
Instructor: Kevin Gilliam


Puppy Agility Group Class: (up to 1 year old) Participants in this class will use a clicker, treats and rewards to work on basic healing on both the right and the left, stays, toy play, the tunnel, the pause table, recalls, paying attention amidst distractions, relationship building, backing up, and body awareness along with with guidance in how long to train a puppy or young dog. Puppies will build on basic obedience skills including heeling, sits and stays.
Instructor: Sherri Fries


Level 1 Agility Group Class: (1 year old and up, builds on Puppy Class) Agility Level 1 is the right place to start a working relationship with your dog built on a strong foundation in self-control, mutual trust, self-confidence and fun.  You will be introduced to using clicker, treats and rewards as you practice ground work (healing both sides, turns on the ground such as front and rear crosses), sits, downs, stays, toy play, tunnel, pause table, sending around a pole, jumps, target contact work, beginning contact work on dog walk, and balance/foot work for the teeter. Your dog should be able to start working off leash. Jump heights will start low and increase depending on dog age and breed.  
Instructor: Sherri Fries


Level 2 Agility Group Class: (Pre-requisite: Level 1 class or similar) Agility Level 2 will help you to develop basic handling and course strategy skills as your dog works on increased confidence and safe obstacle performance.  This class emphasizes speed and accuracy along with improved handling on sequences with more ground work, jumps, jump grids, front and rear crosses, wraps, the teeter and weave poles. 
Instructor:  Sherri Fries


Rally Training Group Class:  Rally is an interactive dog sport that reinforces obedience skills by using a a course where the dog and handler move from station to station completing obedience exercises. Advance your skills while having fun -- this is a great activity to build a positive working relationship with your dog. The class will review all of the novice rally signs, techniques for executing each exercise, how to run a course and basic training tips as needed with novice rally courses set up for practice.  
Instructor: Kevin Gilliam


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Sherri Fries:  Sherri has been competing in agility since 2003, showing her dogs in both AKC and USDAA agility where she has competed at both Nationals. Her first agility dog, Cleo, was Hawaii's first MACH (Master Agility Champion).  Sherri currently competes with border collies Wiki Wiki (fast fast in Hawaiian) and Wiki's puppies Raptor and Spitfire who have just begun their agility careers. Sherri supports positive reinforcement training and more than anything loves to see dogs and their owners having fun!


Kevin Gilliam:  Kevin brings 7 years of experience as a dog trainer at the prestigious Olde Towne School for Dogs in Alexandria where he worked with over 500 area dogs and their owners on everything from puppy socialization to obedience to off-leash training.  He has a deep understanding of canine behavior and is knowledgable in numerous methods and approaches. Kevin loves working with owners on new and different ways to challenge and engage their dogs while building that bond.


Click here to register online or call us at 703-957-8946