Our Philosophy

Frolick Dogs offers the 'what's next' for owners looking for new ways to engage with their dogs.  Whether you are trying to find your dog's next challenge, are a first time dog owner looking to connect with others over shared experiences, have a service dog that needs a safe place to train, are a serious hobbyist seeking practice space, or just need a dog-friendly location to host a special event, we can meet your needs.

Pet obesity rates continue to be on the rise, with veterinarians increasingly advising owners to find ways to exercise their pet. And we all know that when you don't dedicate time to your dog, they find other more destructive ways to release that energy. Pets with an ideal weight live nearly two years longer than overweight pets and have an improved quality of life. It pays to keep your dog in shape!

Frolick Dogs provides a range of canine gym equipment and a complete agility course where dogs are tired out both physically and mentally as they work to master each apparatus.  Join as a gym member to come by when it is most convenient, or if you are pressed for time, drop them off for day boarding during the week and we are happy to work with them.

We also recognize that having a happy and healthy dog takes more than just exercise.  Frolick Dogs hosts a series of wellness seminars throughout the year with experts coming in to educate our community on important topics such as when to use first aid versus go to the vet, navigating the myriad of food choices, considerations for exercising an older dog, maintaining grooming between appointments, early detection of breed-specific ailments, holistic dog care, etc.

With almost a decade of pet care and dog training experience between them, the owners of Frolick Dogs have a good sense for what you are looking for, but are always open to your suggestions!  Please send your ideas to frolickdogs@gmail.com.




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People ask, ‘How do I get my dog to look at me the way they do at you?’ Spend quality time with them and that bond will grow. Frolick Dogs gives you a place to do just that.
— Kevin Gilliam, Owner