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I can’t say enough good things about Frolick Dogs and the owners Kevin and Kim Gilliam. As a dog sport enthusiast with a high drive puppy, I was looking for an dog establishment that offered more than the traditional dog daycare experience. I believe that I’ve found it at Frolick Dogs. I started taking my puppy here the first day that they opened to try them out and I couldn’t be happier.

If you are looking for a place for day boarding/daycare because you don’t want to leave your dog in a crate all day, but aren’t certain about turning your puppy loose with a group of people and dogs that you don’t know, this is the place for you. At Frolick Dogs you are actually talking with the owners, not managers of a dog daycare franchise. They both love dogs, and treat them like they would their own dog. Your dog’s safety and welfare is their first priority. To me, my dog’s reaction says it all, and after the first day she was driving through the door to see Kevin each morning. I have observed both Kevin and Kim around both my dog and other dogs and they have a calm reassuring demeanor.

They also have a top notch facility with indoor agility flooring and new agility equipment (climate controlled - yeah). They will also help you set up the equipment, and let you (and help you) move the agility equipment around for practice. I get to practice age appropriate obstacles and jumps every evening when I pick her up.

There is absolutely nothing else like them in the Alexandria area (believe me - I’ve asked everyone and spent hours and hours researching) and I highly recommend that you stop by and try them out for yourself!!!!!
— Ann B. review from Yelp!
I signed up for my dog Reece’s membership at Frolick Dogs. Mind you, I, his Mama, have never had a gym membership in my life, but NOW my dog has. The reason I joined is to help him keep his weight down. While I walk him almost every day, and monitor his diet, he still has a hard time keeping off the pounds. I figured some regular workouts on the canine treadmill and balance balls will greatly benefit him. He is age nine, and in pretty good shape all in all, but he could be better.

He learned to run the Agility course last year, but until now, I had no place to take him to practice.

Frolick Dogs has a great competition size Agility ring and we can go there any time we like, rain or shine. I took him today for the first time, and my oh my, what fun it was. It was so much fun to see him on the treadmill and balance balls, he was so cute, and running Agility with him makes my heart sing! I love to see him go! But never had the place to do it!!

Kevin has already helped with some obedience pointers today and gave me some good tips for Reece’s diet regimen. Yay!

I look forward to popping in regularly, and taking advantage of my first gym membership, even if it is for my dog!
— Vicki R. review from Yelp!
Our Aussie meetup group is always looking for different activities for our dogs. Frolick Dogs provided us with the perfect venue for a bunch of active Aussies. Kim and Kevin are friendly and knowledgeable. The facility is large and clean with plenty room. Dogs can try their paw at a variety of agility equipment, or “ruff-house” with each other. Thanks Frolick Dogs for a very fun outing and a bunch of tired dogs!
— Karen J., Alexandria Aussie's and
Yes, I need to join a gym but instead, Anna, my 5 pound Maltese is a member of Frolick gym! She LOVES it!!! Incredible exercise for her within a very short period of time — about half an hour and she is exhausted. We have loads more fun and better exercise than a walk in the neighborhood. Plus, you don’t have to worry about rain or heat or snow. Another plus is that Kevin and Kim are terrific at helping you figure out the agility equipment — jumps, hoops, tunnel, chute, poles, etc. This gym helps us “talk” to each other and let’s her expend loads of energy. (She is “dog tired” when we get home.)
— Donna F. review from Yelp!
My visit to Frolick Dogs was the essential first step in agility training for both myself and my Aussie. As a fairly new dog owner, this place is an ideal setting to strengthen the owner/dog bond, and create the necessary structure required for successful training. Kevin was very supportive and encouraging with helpful guidance, hands-on modeling with my dog, and the necessary encouragement to a newcomer. The facility is sizable, includes the agility course as well as specialized doggie gym equipment. Our time spent at Frolick Dogs was challenging, yet rewarding. I”ll definitely be back and continue to promote this great local business!
— Sharon P. review from Yelp!
We have taken our female weimaraner, Sophie to Frolick three times now and we have been amazed at how much she has learned on the agility course. Kevin amd Kim have been wonderfully helpful in teaching us how to use the equiptment. We are excited to see her learn and gain confidence.
— Michele O. review from Yelp!
Frolick is fantastic. Kevin and Kim are wonderful—very caring, in tune with the dogs (and with anxious, over protective owners), very patient, and very nice. I have known them both for over two years. In fact, Kevin was my dog Ruby’s original dog trainer at Old Town Alexandria where he did a wonderful job putting manners on Ruby as a puppy and training me as an owner. I followed him over to his new business, Frolick Dogs.

Ruby has already gone to daycare and had works out on the treadmill and the agility course. We have also signed up for the weekly Saturday agility courses that start next week and we’re getting the monthly day care pass. They really know dogs and what they are doing so I feel very comfortable having Ruby go to Frolick’s.

The other great thing is how close it is to 395. It’s right off Duke and South Quaker Lane. It’s 2.5 miles in light traffic in the mornings for me to drop off Ruby and get on 395 North to head into DC for work. So easy. Such a great location.

I feel like Ruby has a home away from home during the days and I don’t have to worry about whether she’s bored or anxious or nervous about being separated from me. (Me on the other hand, miss Ruby). Kim and Kevin are keeping Ruby busy so she’s having fun in her play groups and she’s stimulated with the agility course. When Ruby comes home, she conks out right on my lap totally chill.

Meets all my criteria—1) excellent care for my dog, 2) exercise for dogs, 3) clean, well lit and well designed space with lots of equipment to stimulate the dogs, 4) reasonably priced (well-within competitors in the area), 5) AND EASY ACCESS for anyone who works in DC and Alexandria—a snap to get to.

Highly recommend Kevin, Kim and Frolick Dogs!
— Molly W. review from Yelp!
Frolick Dogs is a godsend! We have a herding breed puppy for which places like Simpson are always going to be problematic. We were worrying about where she’d be able to exercise, and then Frolick Dogs appeared just as she was finishing her basic obedience class at OTSD. I’m retired, so I’ve been able to take our puppy there almost every day to use the agility equipment or just reinforce some basic obedience commands, all in an air conditioned environment. We’re looking forward to taking the agility classes when our pup’s a bit older. And when I have to be away for the day, I’m looking forward to boarding her there.

I agree with all the comments made above regarding Kevin and Kim. In particular, Kevin has been very helpful as we try to perfect and build on our pup’s OTSFD training.
— Dan H. review from Yelp!
Frolick Dogs - Good Doggie-CAC.jpg
We thought we had given up on doggy daycare, after our anxious dog tucked her tail under her legs and shook violently when we dropped her off at a daycare in DC. So, we moved out to Alexandria, and we knew we had to find another day care. We could not be more pleased with Frolick...

I think there a few distinguishing factors for Frolick from other dog daycares:

1. They work to see which dogs can play together. For our anxious dog, there are clearly dogs at the dog park who make her uncomfortable, and in a traditional day care setting, she might be around a dog she is frightened of for 12 hours.

2. Dogs are interacted with, and use their minds to figure out the agility equipment. Being there builds confidence in the dog, since she is learning new things.

3. Dogs are walked outdoors. At many dog daycares, the dogs just go to the bathroom inside, which is not a habit we wanted Bailey to develop.

4. The nap room. They have a sunny mezzanine area with individual crates (we were able to put Bailey’s beloved sweatshirt in hers) for dogs.

5. Professional, owner involvement. When I’ve dropped my dog off to prior daycares, I have felt like I am leaving Bailey with an hourly worker who may or may not care about my dog. Kevin or Kim or another dog training professional is always there.

They even sent some adorable photos of Bailey jumping the agility equipment on her first day. Kim and Kevin are absolutely wonderful, and we know we’ve found the right place for our dog.
— Jessica P. review from Yelp!