What makes Frolick Dogs day boarding unique?

  • A Structured Day of Activities

The day starts with group play time; up to 5 dogs at a time romp off-leash in our large space with others they play well with to socialize and burn off energy.  Dogs then spend downtime in an individual stall or crate located on our sunlit mezzanine before participating in two 30 minute workouts with an experienced dog handler on our agility course, balance equipment and treadmills. Each dog is challenged not just physically but mentally, which is sure to tire them out!

  • Outdoor Walks

Your dog is walked outside before group play and each workout, meaning they receive at least 3 outdoor walks a day.  This is to encourage them to do their business outside, however we recognize that accidents happen and do not punish for this, we just clean it up!

  • Individual Attention

Recognizing that no two dogs are alike, we are able to tailor a dog's day boarding experience to meet their needs.  If your dog does not play well with others, we skip the group time and  focus on their individual workouts.  If you are working on getting your dog to not pull on the leash, we will work with you to reinforce heeling on their outdoor walks.  We take pride in knowing all of our dogs and their owners and are sure to let you know how they do each day, even sharing pictures and videos of their latest accomplishment!

Interested in boarding your dog with us? Just contact us at frolickdogs@gmail.com or (703) 957-8946 to schedule a 30-minute evaluation.